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The Boiled Owl is hosted by Don and Sam, both members of Alcoholics Anonymous who like listening to other alcoholics’ experience, strength, and hope.  We both do this often via podcasts and speaker tapes (well, CDs and MP3s) while working or driving.  While there are many recordings of speaker meetings, we found locating podcasts a bit more difficult.  So…… Rather than just complaining about it (you know we did!), we decided to take action.

We both attend a Saturday morning men’s AA meeting and go to coffee afterward.  Sometimes it’s just the two of us, though often it’s several more.  The conversation there is always wide-ranging and invariably full of recovery.  The Boiled Owl is our attempt to recreate the environment of the coffee shop meeting-after-the-meeting.  Since it’s not completely ad-hoc, we have to structure it a bit, but soon the flow of conversation takes hold and it then goes where it goes.

We start with a little banter, introduce our guest, and then ask them a question about why they’re in AA.  This one question kicks off the conversation and we chat for 20-30 minutes.  We close the podcast with “Ask the Old-timer,” where a question is posed to Don.  For our initial episodes, we made up the question.  The goal is for YOU to ask a question!  Send us your question via

New episodes are posted on the 1st and 15th of the month.

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Wayne got sober in Panama City, FL, on August 23, 1977. He picked up his first desire chip in December 1969 and then got drunk. In those early days, Wayne was stuck on Step 1 for a long time. Today, he still practices the 10th Step every day. Wayne has helped many people find sobriety through the program of AA. Wayne is currently without a home group. He resides in Greensboro, NC.

Alex started at 18 and got sober at 21. She tried every way to get sober. During detox, she hallucinated, seeing shadow people. She smashed furniture and mirrors. She had a major moment of serendipity at 1.5 years sober.

Alex’s home group is The Way Out in Greensboro, NC.

Wilson got sober at 17 after 7 years of drinking and using. He went to various schools during his using. He went into a recovery program and, upon completing it, found AA was where he got the experience, strength, and hope he needs. Now he’s over 4 years sober and living a life that’s getting bigger and bigger.

Wilson’s is active in two home groups: The Way Out and Young People, both in Greensboro, NC.

He directed us: “Put in a note that I’m single.”

Mariah started drinking and using at 11. She was forced to go to treatment when she was 15. Her last drink was in 2007. At 3 year’s sober, she finally surrendered. Holding off on amends almost got her drunk.

Mariah’s home group is The Way Out in Greensboro, NC.

Randy was in and out of AA for 3 years. In his years of drinking and drug use, he had memories and thoughts, but couldn’t put them together – confusion. In a blackout, we was injured in a fight. Desperation drove him to AA. When sober 8 years, he closed his business and moved from Palm Springs, CA, to Durham, NC, where he’s returned to school for personal growth. Randy’s sobriety date is May 29, 2002.

Randy’s home group is Common Solution Group in Durham, NC.

Chris joins us for another boiling of an owl! Drunktionary… Started drinking at 12. Blackout drunk. Sober since 1985. Chris’ home group is Summit Fellowship Men’s group in Greensboro, NC.

Kevin has been around AA since early childhood. He got sober at 17 and drank again at 25. He talks of his experiences with his child, cops, hospitals, treatment, surrender, and what works for him now.

Kevin’s home group is Easy Does It in Greensboro, NC.

Tammy stayed drunk all day as a single mom, losing her house and job. She experienced long blackouts. She was a daily drinker who started at 16 and quit in her late 30s. She shares about her powerlessness and making amends. Tammy is married to an AA member.

Tammy’s home group is Bethel in Greensboro, NC.

First sober in 1997 and then again in 2008, Jimmy tells of his first period of long-term recovery, relapse, and return to long-term recovery. He hid his relapse well until he had to ask for help. Prescription medication treatment for anxiety led him to ask why he should keep going to meetings. Eventually, he drank.

Jimmy’s home group is Free Spirit in Greensboro, NC.

Alaska to Connecticut to North Carolina, Nathan, a priest, shares what it was like and how he got sober. Nathan’s home group is The Way Out in Greensboro, NC.

Ches went to lots of meetings when he started and experienced a notable change early on. He also speaks of cleaning up financial wreckage and his favorite prayer. Ches’ home group is The Way Out in Greensboro, NC.

Our guest, Kenneth, talks about his recovery in AA and how general service is a big part of it. He knew early on he was an alcoholic. We speak about drugs – outside issue? Kenneth was in a major accident in his drinking days.

Sobriety Date: 02JUN2000
Home Group: Inside Out, Wilmington, NC

Sober 40 years and all of them in Greensboro, NC, Willie not only has lots of experience, strength, and hope, but he also knows lots of local AA history. Willie’s home group is the Summit Fellowship Men’s Group in Greensboro, NC.

Miranda tells us of her journey to AA and her life as a sober mom.  Miranda’s home group is The Way Out in Greensboro, NC.

Thomas tells us of his journey to AA and of his sober life as a young person.  Thomas’ home group is The Way Out in Greensboro, NC.

Philip tells us of his journey to AA and what his life of double-digit sobriety is like.  Philip’s home group is The Way Out in Greensboro, NC. Philip refuses to believe Don’s story about the size of that Big Gulp.

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